Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Education Tours and School Camps

Trailblazer Tours offersthe Great Barrier Reefs most POPULAR School Camps at the Town of 1770. Experience the very best value school camps on the largest living organism in the WORLD. Discover the beauty and wonder of this World Heritage Listed Paradise, as we go searching for NEMO. Eco Education and fun at its best.

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Trailblazer Tours offers the most comprehensive educational package tours to the Great Barrier Reef. These packages include -
  • Options for dormitory, motel or camping accommodation
  • A large Bus fleet to cater for Schools and Colleges of all sizes (from 15 to 150)
  • Full "Ready To Go" education programs to suit a variety of subjects and ages
  • Staff fully accredited for working with children and trained in all aspects of tour guiding and safety
  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to cover any eventuality
  • Ability to cater to groups and individuals with special dietary needs
  • High level of experience with catering for educational groups with special needs




The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on the planet, and the ONLY living organism that can be seen from space. There is so much natural wonder to see and experience on the Great Barrier Reef, it's not hard to see why Schools and Colleges come from all over Australia come to this unique fun filled adventure classroom. 

Our mission is to make your visit to the Great Barrier Reefmore than just a beautiful place to go, but an "experience to remember." In education, remembering what you have learnt is everything.



The Great Barrier Reefoffers the most uniqueECO learning opportunities for subjects such as Marine Studies, Geography, History,Biology, tourism and applied sciences. Trailblazer Tours is proud to offer the BESTVALUE School Campsfor your students to get the very most out of their Great Barrier ReefExperience, including -

  • The biggest and best boat in the Southern Great Barrier Reef
  • Swim withmajestic marine turtles as they are cleaned by fish at the coral cleaning stations
  • Discover the vivid colours of the reef, with fish coral and starfish
  • Snorkel with millions of fish of every shape and size
  • Walk on a true Coral Cay Island, Naturally formed from Coral
  • Experience the nesting and hatching of Turtles at Mon Repos (November to March)
  • Observe Dolphins, Turtles, Whales and much more from the boat during Whale Season

And let's not forget the FUN factor. We have understood from the start that the most effective way to teach is outcomes that stick is for the students to enjoy the learning experience. The Great Barrier Reef is filled with awe and wonder which in itself is FUN. Trailblazer Tours supplement that Awe and Wonder with wondrous feats of naturethat naturally raises many questions such as “Why do corals look like rocks, but are actually animals?” leading to discussions of the process of coral growth, and the limestone skeletons that help form the coral structure. These naturally occurring questions are answered as we tour the Island on our Fun Facts Mission. Environmental Sciences, Biology, History and Applied Sciences benefit greatly from seeing the dramatic environmental changes that occur on Lady Musgrave Island from season to season. The Great Barrier Reefs Lady Musgrave Island is attracting school groups from all over the Australia to study its unique biodiversity (and have some fun while they are there). For South East Queensland Schools, this wonderful phenomenon of Nature is right at your doorstep - and we can get you there




The following is a list of attractions and points of study on a Trailblazer Tour of Discovery of the Great Barrier Reef. It is not possible to cover every activity and study point listed below, as this is dependent upon the options you choose, and the curriculum points you wish to cover. For example, a camp that includes Scuba Diving as part of the activity list will reduce the amount of time for snorkeling or glass bottom boat activities on the day.



Snorkelingis the MUST DO experience while exploring the Great Barrier Reef. A new world opens up for students like never before, as they see sights and colours that they only dreamed about while watching “Finding Nemo.” All snorkeling is supervised by lifeguards and an inflatable rescue boat. Safety vests and pool noodles are also issued to students to guarantee safety.

Snorkeling the Barrier Reef comes with extra rewards, such as getting up close and personal with marine life like turtles, starfish, coral and of course nemo himself. Snorkeling is easy, and with a little help from our experienced guides and boat crew, the students will be snorkeling like professionals in no time. For many students, this is a life changing experience.


Glass Bottom Boat

Explore the shallows of the reef in our Glass Bottom boat. See fish, turtles, rays, HUGE coral Bomboras, and much more. Learn from our expert skipper as he takes you on a journey of discovery through the Coral Lagoon in the safety of our see through boat. Perfect activity for students with running commentary on all aspects of life on the reef before letting them go snorkeling.


Semi-Submersible SUBMARINE

See the Great Barrier Reef in a different way with our Semi-Submersible Submarine. This is a great way to explore the deeper parts of the Coral Lagoon in comfort, as we cruise the lagoon seeing the larger fish and coral while UNDER the water. This is a fantastic experience, especially for those who have trouble snorkeling, as it gets you under the water just like a snorkeler.


Underwater Observatory

Attached to the boat pontoon is the Lady Musgrave Underwater Observatory. This can be accessed at any time by students and teachers alike, and is a fabulous place to be while fish feeding is taking place above. This is also a good place to observe snorkeling techniques before getting into the water for beginners.


Fish Feeding

Fish Feeding is a popular activity for schools. Join in the “Fish Feeding Frenzy” as the water boils with fish at the edge of the pontoon. Fish of all colours and sizes come in from everywhere at fish feeding time, including “George,” the giant Potato Cod.


Coral Cay Island Walk

Lady Musgrave Island is a true paradise. Untouched by humans, this tiny Island is in its natural state with no buildings or human structures. Here you will go for a guided walk around the Island seeing the native birds who nest on the Island. Lady Musgrave is an important nesting site for both green and loggerhead turtles, with green turtles being more common. Nesting usually occurs at night during high tide, with the main season from late November to January. 


Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is becoming more popular for schools around Australia as part of their subjects. If your school is participating in a Scuba Diving program, the Great Barrier Reef is well known as the ULTIMATE scuba Diving location on earth. Only certified Scuba Divers are permitted to undertake this activity for underage people on this camp. Teachers are permitted to enjoy “Intro Dives” while on the reef, and this does not require certification.



These activities can be performedon the Mainland on the way too and from the Town of 1770, and while in the Town of 1770. These activities form the Majority of the Great Barrier Reef Camp experience. Not all activities listed below can be performed within the timeframe of a school camp. The list of options are available to schools to choose from, and is dependent upon time available for the itinerary.


Mon Repos Turtle Hatchery

(Available November to March Only) Mon Repos, on the coast of Bundaberg, supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland and has the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific region.

Schools can witness nesting and hatching turtles on a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service ranger guided turtle encounter. Turtles are easily disturbed if correct watching guidelines are not followed, so this specialranger led experience has been carefully created to help students understand and appreciate the life cycle of the turtle, to manage turtle watching, and ensure successful breeding for the survival of this endangered species.

It is an amazing sight to see these huge creatures heaving their way up the beach to find a safe spot to dig a nest and lay their eggs. It’s even more amazing to see the little hatchlings scurry out of the sand and down the beach to the water to start their new life in the open oceans. This is the experience of a life time for all who participate.


LARC Tours

Trailblazer Tours offer school the fantastic opportunity to enjoy the LARC, half bus, half boat. The LARC conducts awesome marine activities in the area, as we go in search of Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks, Sting Rays and much more. Available with the LARC is the Indigenous Cultural Tour, showcasing the indigenous lifestyle before white man came to Australia, and the 1-Day Paradise Day Tour, showcasing the whole area.


Explore the mangroves and waterways of 1770 in these awesome Ocean Kayaks. Fully guided tours of creeks and Busted Bay are available, complimenting marine studies and biology with the rich diversity of life found in the area. Relaxing Sunset Tours are also available for those who want to just have a relaxing paddle with the dolphins.


Australian Animal Zoo

This little known Reptile park and native animal Zoo is simply the best. This is a boutique zoo with all of the very best Aussie Animals available for students to study and interact with. Students have the opportunity to cuddle a Koala, hand feed Kangaroos and Emus, Hold a live Snake, and even hold a Baby Crocodile. Live Snake Demonstrations and Croc Feeding is also on show, as wildlife learning for students becomes more real than ever.


1770 Beaches and Headlands

The Town of 1770 is famous for its incredible beauty and magnificent natural Beaches. Schools can enjoy swimming between the flags on the most Northern Surf Beach in Australia, take learn to surf lessons, or play games like Beach Volleyball. The beach is close to all accommodation options.


Mangroves and Rock Pools


Around the town of 1770, students can fossick in some of the most marine rich environments in search of Marine Life. Everything from Mangrove Swamps to Sandy beaches, coral gardens to shallow rock pools – these waterways are ALIVE with life.  This is a Marine Studies paradise, and Trailblazer Tours Staff are able to ensure your needs are met with the very best options offered to suit your curriculum.


Trailblazer Tours has long been recognized as having the BEST value tours to the Great Barrier Reef by schools all over South East Queensland. Trailblazer Tours offers far superior value for money compared to any other multi day School Camp to the Barrier Reef. Trailblazer Tours offers you Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, AWESOME locations, and the BEST tour Guides from Gold Coast and Brisbane, and all at Budget prices.

Backed and owned by one of Queensland’s Largest and most trusted Eco Adventure Tour Companies -Australian Sunset Safaris, your school camp is in safe hands with Trailblazer Tours.




Dorm or Tents?

Trailblazer Tours has accommodation options to suit schools perfectly. We have a large variety, from Motel rooms to dormitory rooms and even camping.


Our Backpacker Style Dorm rooms suit schools perfectly, and is the most common choice for Schools. Beds are new, comfortable and secure. Excellent shower and bathroom facilities, coupled with great catering facilities, Trailblazer Tours is able to offer the best accommodation for schools in the region.

Teachers have the choice of going into Dorm Rooms, or into Motel Rooms to suit their required comfort levels. Situated on the Beach in Agnes Water, our Backpacker Dorms are perfectly located, and within walking distance to all the local shops. Resort is equipped with Swimming Pool and a fantastic open deck and undercover areas to gather and meet.


Budget Camping option is available near the town of Agnes Water. Trailblazer Tours have professional camp kitchens and excellent camping gear to ensure your camping experience is comfortable. Hot Camp Showers, undercover eating areas with tables and chairs are all part of the service, offering your school the best budget accommodation possible. Enjoy roasting a marshmallow under the stars and telling bed time camp stories.


LARC Camping (Dormitory Combo)

Why not spend 1 or 2 nights camping with your school group while in 1770. The LARC takes school groups to a remote paradise beach, where students will enjoy camping, Sand Boarding, Kayaking, swimming and LARCING. Visit one of the oldest lighthouses in Queensland, and enjoy roasting Marshmallows around the campfire at night. This option is best suited to combined with Dormitory accommodation on a 4 to 5 day School camp.



Trailblazer Tour have created packages to suit Schools all over Australia. We have packages to suit schools based in the Brisbane Area, as well as packages for Schools from as far south as Coffs Harbour and beyond. Schools can fly into Brisbane Airport from all over Australia and the WORLD to enjoy our corner of PARADISE.

SEQ School Camp Packages

Trailblazer Tours offer a large variety of packages to South East QueenslandSchools. Set packages are available, and are fully customizable to suit your needs. Our packages can include a combination of the following choices –

  • Camps from 3 day to 7 days in duration
  • Dorm or Camping (or both)
  • A wide variety of activity choices available (included in your package price)
  • All packages can be tailored to suit curriculum (eg: water based activities for a “Marine Studies Camp)
  • Additional National Park Ranger Talk can be provided if available through Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service

To obtain one of our Great Barrier Reef School Camp Quote Forms, please contact Trailblazer Tours on 1300553606 and talk with one our friendly staff. Our School Camp Quote Form has all the packages available for you to choose from, with prices and inclusions all in black and white – and no nasty surprises.

FREE Pick-up and Return is available for schools within 100km south and west of Brisbane, and all schools north of Brisbane between Brisbane and Agnes Water.

DISCOUNTED transfers are available for schools up to 600km from Brisbane. We want to make your life easy, and your camp THE BEST…


Interstate & Regional School Camp Packages

Special Interstate School packages are available to the Great Barrier Reef which includes options to stay overnight in Brisbane before and/or after the Reef. You can also, visit Theme Parks, Queensland Museum, Parliament House and much more. Please see our Great Barrier ReefInterstate Schools PageHERE




please note that a quote does not automatically reserve your preferred dates, and is only valid for 14 days from issue date. Should we not receive confirmation of quote by the end of the 14-day validity period; a new quote may need to be issued.


once you have confirmed your quote, we will issue you with a tax invoice and confirmation documents. Unless otherwise stated, all bookings must be secured with a 30% or $1000 deposit payment (whichever is greater), within 14 days after confirmation. Failure to provide the date security deposit by the due date will result in the forfeit of the camp dates requested. Please note that this deposit amount will be deducted from the total invoice.

Payments can be made via direct deposit, cheque or credit card. Please note that all credit card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge fee.


a final balance invoice will be issued 14 days prior to camp upon receipt of final numbers.  If final numbers are not advised by this date, the last number update will be used.


a new tax invoice will be issued for any additional payments incurred after the above final payment has been made. Any new additional payments will be due immediately, unless otherwise stated. Any credit amounts / refunds payable will be issued after the camp travel dates, unless the camp is cancelled prior to travel dates.

CHANGES AND REQUESTS – unless otherwise stated:

All details pertaining to final numbers, dietary requirements, special requests and medical information must be received no later than 14 days prior to travel.

  1. Any decrease in numbers 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or a credit. (This is due to certain costs outlaid.)
  2. Any increase in numbers inside 14 days prior to the confirmed date of travel will be accepted and charged additionally. (Subject to space availability.)

CAMP CANCELLATIONS – unless otherwise stated:

  1. If advised at least three (3) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount may be kept as a credit for use for a future camp booking.
  2. If advised within (2) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount will be forfeited in-full.
  3. Cancellation notice provided 14 days to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel will result in the forfeit of the paid deposit amount in-full, and will also incur a 25% cancellation fee.
  4. Any camp cancellations received 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or credit.
  5. Any cancellations made up to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel where no final payment has been made, will incur a 40% cancellation fee as well as forfeit the deposit amount paid.
  6. All credit amounts have a validity of 12 months, after which time if the credit amount has not been redeemed it will be forfeited.
  7. All administration fees will be calculated on the total camp amount due.

Note:  Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to send home any student who is deemed to be behaving inappropriately. No refunds are applicable in this instance.


  1. Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to cancel, delay and / or reschedule activities or services due to unsuitable weather. (Please note that the entire camp itinerary is dependent on activities chosen, tide times and the size of the group.)
  2. A requirement of our insurance company is that all students /parents have completed their indemnity forms before being allowed to swim or participate in activities covered. These forms must be handed to the Tour Guide at the start of the camp.
  3. All schools are responsible for completing the provided medical and special dietary forms on behalf of their students. This must be faxed or emailed to our office at least 14 days prior to travel.
  4. School representatives are at all times responsible for the behavior of students in their care.
  5. It is the responsibility of the school representative to dispense any medication to students with the permission of parents / guardians. Trailblazer Tours will under no circumstances dispense or administer any medication.
  6. A duty of care is owed to students in the school environment and while on excursions. The Education Department's duty of care owed to students for the duration of an excursion cannot be delegated from the school to parents, caregivers, volunteers or employees of external organisations.
  7. To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, schools are required to proactively manage all aspects of a variation to school routine. The school's duty of care to students extends to school excursions and camps, which are integral to students' educational programs. Activities conducted away from schools may increase risks and therefore the standard of care required must reflect the increase in identified risks.

A note on QPWS (National Park) Fee Changes in 2015

For educational groups travelling on a fully facilitated camp with Trailblazer Toursor sub-contractors there is no longer a need to complete forms for exemption of national park usage fees.  Schools & educational groups will now be automatically exempt from these fees.  Where the aforementioned group is taking a vehicle, they will be eligible for fee exempt vehicle permits and should contact camping support (camping.support@nprsr.qld.gov.au) to obtain their relevant permits.  This is the responsibility of the group taking the vehicle.

Trailblazer Tours Proudly offers a FREE Pick-up and Drop off Service for all schools within a 100km Radius of Brisbane and any school between Brisbane and Agnes Water(conditions apply). We also offer heavily discounted pick-up and drop-off rates for schools up to 600km radius from Brisbane. We want to make the experience on Fraser Island as stress free and easy as possible for Teachers and Coordinators. For schools outside of our free pick-up radius, we offer a customized “cost price” quote to pick-up from your school so that we can ensure you get the BESTvalue possible for your students. We promise to offer the perfect balance between affordability and excellent service.


Sunset Safaris provides the very best possible Accommodation to suit your budget while on Great Barrier Reef.

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