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Fraser Island

Fraser Island Education Tours and School Camps

Trailblazer Tours offers Fraser Islands most POPULAR School Camps at Eurong Beach Resort. Experience the very best value school camps on the largest Sand Island in the WORLD. Enjoy our AWESOME Monster 4WD buses and great budget accommodation on this World Heritage Listed Island Paradise. Eco Education and fun at its best.

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Trailblazer Tours offers the most comprehensive educational package tours to Fraser Island. These packages include -

  • 4 & 5 Share accommodation in the awesome Eurong Beach Resort Fraser Island
  • A large 4WD Bus fleet to cater for Schools and Colleges of all sizes (from 15 to 150)
  • Full "Ready To Go" education programs to suit a variety of subjects and ages
  • Staff fully accredited for working with children and trained in all aspects of tour guiding and safety
  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to cover any eventuality
  • Ability to cater to groups and individuals with special dietary needs
  • High level of experience with catering for educational groups with special needs


Fraser Island is the undisputed KING of the world’s Greatest Sand Islands. There is so much natural wonder to see and experience on Fraser Island, it's not hard to see why Schools and Colleges come from all over Australia come to this unique fun filled adventure classroom. 

Our mission is to make your visit to Fraser Island more than just a beautiful place to go, but an "experience to remember." In education, remembering what you have learnt is everything. 



Fraser Island offers the most uniqueECO learning opportunities for subjects such as Geography, History, Geology, Biology, Indigenous Culture, tourism and applied sciences. Trailblazer Tours is proud to offer the BESTSchool Campfor your students to get the very most out of their Fraser Island Experience, including -

  • 4WD Bus across endless beaches and 4WD Tracks
  • Discover GIANT Rainforest Trees& Rainforest growing out of sand
  • Swim in ancient Fresh Water perched lakes so clear that it looks like a Fiji Post Card
  • Tumble down a steep sand dune into Lake Wabby
  • Learn about what is one of the world’s RAREST natural lakes
  • Swim in the incredibly beautiful Champagne Pools
  • Observe Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks Whales and much more from Indian Head.

And let's not forget the FUN factor. We have understood from the start that the most effective way to teach is outcomes that stick is for the students to enjoy the learning experience. Fraser Island is filled with awe and wonder which in itself is FUN. Trailblazer Tours supplement that Awe and Wonder with wondrous feats of naturenaturally raises many questions such as “How is Rainforest able to grow in sand?” leading to discussions of the process of ancient vegetable decay and Island growth, and the eco systems that rely on these processes. These naturally occurring questions are answered as we tour the Island on our Fun Facts Mission. Environmental Sciences, Biology, History and Applied Sciences benefit greatly from seeing the dramatic environmental changes that occur on Fraser Island from season to season. Fraser Island is attracting school groups from all over the Australia to study its unique biodiversity (and have some fun while they are there). For South East Queensland Schools, this wonderful phenomenon of Nature is right at your doorstep - and we can get you there


The following is a list of attractions and points of study on a Trailblazer Tour of Discovery on Fraser Island. Not all camps on Fraser Island can cover every attraction and study point listed below. This is dependent upon the amount of time you intend to stay on Fraser Island and the curriculum points you wish to cover. For example, some school study camps spend more time studying environmental impacts in camp grounds, while other schools will concentrate upon Rainforests and biology. A  5-Day camp will usually experience ALL the below attractions, while a 2-Day will only cover a few of the main attractions or study areas.   




LAKE BIRRABEENis the largest of the Blue Lakes on the Island, and is one of the Islands main attractions. This picture Postcard Lake is made entirely of Rainwater, and sits high in the sand dunes well above sea level. The refreshing waters of Lake Birrabeen provides safe swimming and excellent photo opportunities.


ELI CREEK is the largest creek flowing out into the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern side of Fraser Island. Only waist deep at its deepest point, Eli creek is a favorite for schools as we float down along the creek and out onto the beach in crystal clear fresh water.


LAKE WABBY is an incredible Lake with a windblown Sand Dune slowly filling in the lake as the sand advances in a North Westerly direction. Students can enjoy the thrill of tumbling down the sand dune into the lake, and enjoying the refreshing emerald green water.


The CHAMPAGNE POOLS is one of Fraser Islands favorite Tourist Attractions. Bathe in the bubbling water as the ocean tumbles over the rocks and fills the pools below with cool refreshing Pacific Ocean water. See colourful fish in the pools and enjoy nature at its best.




MAHENO SHIP WRECKis a ship that was washed ashore on 75 mile beach during a cyclone in 1935. The history of this ship wreck includes it being used as a hospital ship in WW1, and being used as target practice by the RAFF in WW2. Once the worlds fastest ship now lying in ruin.



THE COLOURED SANDS is an amazing array of different coloured sands all splattered together in a dune formation on the edge of the beach. An Aboriginal legend tells about how the Rainbow was shattered on the sand creating the colours that we see today. 


RAINBOW GORGE is an incredible area where wind erosion has uncovered magnificent coloured sand formations and mineral deposits of every colour. See the incredible “Field of Rock Mushrooms,” and see the delicate wind sculptured rocks in this place of geological marvel.


INDIAN HEADis one of the only areas on Fraser Island to be made of rock. Named by Captain Cook after he saw numerous Aboriginals on top of the Indian Head as he sailed past in 1770, this is the best place to see an abundance of Marine Life including Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks and Whales.


YIDNEY DRIPPING ROCKS is a group of Coffee Rocks protruding out onto the beach with large deposits of sand on top of the shelf of rock. Water continuously pours and drips from the rocks as the sand slowly releases the water out over the less porous rock.



PILE VALLEYFraser Island is an area where the tallest tree grow. Loggers used to come to this area in search of trees suitable for making into Pylons to support jetties and piers in the oceans. It is from here that we take the Pile Valley walk into Woongoolba Creek and Central Station.


WOONGOOLBA CREEKis a crystal clear fresh water stream that makes no sound. The water is so clear and quiet, it is known as the “Silent Creek,” and the “Invisible Creek.” We walk down along this creek seeing GIANT Satiney Trees and tall rainforest vines.



CENTRAL STATIONis the original Timber Cutters logging camp where the timber cutters families homes and families would live. A school was based at Central station, but is now a picnic and information center with historical artifacts and information on display.




Trailblazer Tours offers the ULTIMATE in School Camp Transport for Fraser Island. Our range of specially designed 4wd buses, Mini Coaches and FORWARD FACING 4WD vehicles, offer the perfect balance between Big Bus comfort, and small 4wd personalisation. Don't be caught out with small uncomfortable, cramped vehicles.



Trailblazer Tours has long been recognised as having the BEST value tours to Fraser Island by schools all over Queensland. Trailblazer Tours offers far superior value for money compared to any other multi day School Camp to Fraser Island. Trailblazer Tours offers you Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, AWESOME 4WD go anywhere vehicles, the most sought after locations on Fraser Island, the BEST tour Guides from Gold Coast and Brisbane, and all at Budget prices. We pick-up within a 500km radius of Brisbane and airports for overseas and interstate schools.

Backed and owned by one of Queensland’s Largest and most trusted Eco Adventure Tour Companies -Australian Sunset Safaris, your school camp is in safe hands with Trailblazer Tours.



Eurong Beach Resort is based on the Eastern Beaches of Fraser Island, and is conveniently located close to all of the major ECO attractions. Catering for 110+ students, Eurong Beach Resort has fantastic facilities, including 2 pools, tennis courts, buffet restaurant, cool comfortable rooms, and a meeting hall area perfect for schools.





Student Accommodation

The student accommodation consists of 4 & 5 share motel rooms with their own toilet/shower ensuite. Each room has 4 or 5 single beds, a small kitchenette, and front and rear balconies. Far exceeding  the expectations of normal student camp accommodation, the Eurong Beach Resort Rooms are perfect for students and teachers alike. Trailblazer Tours also has the ability to separate Boys from Girls to different parts of the resort to ensure gender separation is maintained for peace of mind.


Teacher Accommodation

In cases where teachers do not want to be within the immediate confines of the student accommodation, we offer our teachers our beautiful twin share accommodation. Each twin share room has a Queen bed and a single bed, Shower/Toilet Ensuite, Kitchenette, Fridge and dual balcony areas. The rooms are solid brick offering cool comfort in summer, and warmth in winter, and even a television.


Restaurant and Catering

Trailblazer Tours and Eurong Beach Resort offer a fantastic all you can eat Buffet for students and teachers. Our buffets are designed to suit almost any dietary requirement by simply picking and choosing between the different options available. However some more critical dietary needs can be catered for on an individual basis if Trailblazer Tours are given enough forward notice.

Our breakfast options allow for budget “Continental Breakfast,” or the slightly more expensive “hot Breakfast.” You may choose to alternate between continental and hot breakfasts during your camp, or keep it cheap and stay with continental the whole time – this choice is yours.

Our Fresh “Load it yourself” lunches on Fraser are freshly prepared by our tour guides on the Island. We guarantee that our food is nutritious, tasty and fresh, perfect for busy schools on an adventure learning experience. 






SEQ School Camp Packages

Trailblazer Tours offer a large variety of packages to your school camp. Set packages are available, and are fully customisable to suit your needs. Our packages can include a combination of the following choices –

  • Camps from 2 day to 7 days in duration
  • 4-5 share Accommodation
  • A wide variety of activity choices available (included in your package price)
  • All packages can be tailored to suit curriculum (eg: water based activities for a “Marine Studies Camp)
  • Additional National Park Ranger Talk can be provided if available through Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service

To obtain one of our Fraser Island School Camp Quote Forms, please contact Trailblazer Tours on 1300553606 and talk with one our friendly staff. Our School Camp Quote Form has all the packages available for you to choose from, with prices and inclusions all in black and white – and no nasty surprises.

FREE Pick-up and Return is available for schools within 100km south and west of Brisbane, and all schools north of Brisbane between Brisbane and Gympie.

DISCOUNTED transfers are available for schools up to 600km of  Brisbane. We want to make your life easy, and your camp THE BEST…




Interstate & Regional School Camp Packages

Special Interstate School packages are available to Fraser Island which includes options to stay overnight in Brisbane before and/or after the Island. You can also, visit Theme Parks, Queensland Museum, Parliament House and much more. Please see our Fraser Island Interstate Schools PageHERE



please note that a quote does not automatically reserve your preferred dates, and is only valid for 14 days from issue date. Should we not receive confirmation of quote by the end of the 14-day validity period; a new quote may need to be issued.


once you have confirmed your quote, we will issue you with a tax invoice and confirmation documents. Unless otherwise stated, all bookings must be secured with a 30% or $1000 deposit payment (whichever is greater), within 14 days after confirmation. Failure to provide the date security deposit by the due date will result in the forfeit of the camp dates requested. Please note that this deposit amount will be deducted from the total invoice.

Payments can be made via direct deposit, cheque or credit card. Please note that all credit card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge fee.


a final balance invoice will be issued 14 days prior to camp upon receipt of final numbers.  If final numbers are not advised by this date, the last number update will be used.


a new tax invoice will be issued for any additional payments incurred after the above final payment has been made. Any new additional payments will be due immediately, unless otherwise stated. Any credit amounts / refunds payable will be issued after the camp travel dates, unless the camp is cancelled prior to travel dates.



CHANGES AND REQUESTS –unless otherwise stated:

All details pertaining to final numbers, dietary requirements, special requests and medical information must be received no later than 14 days prior to travel.

  1. Any decrease in numbers 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or a credit. (This is due to certain costs outlaid.)
  2. Any increase in numbers inside 14 days prior to the confirmed date of travel will be accepted and charged additionally. (Subject to space availability.)


CAMP CANCELLATIONS – unless otherwise stated:

  1. If advised at least three (3) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount may be kept as a credit for use for a future camp booking.
  2. If advised within (2) months prior to the confirmed date of travel, the paid deposit amount will be forfeited in-full.
  3. Cancellation notice provided 14 days to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel will result in the forfeit of the paid deposit amount in-full, and will also incur a 25% cancellation fee.
  4. Any camp cancellations received 14 days or less prior to the confirmed date of travel will not be eligible for a refund or credit.
  5. Any cancellations made up to one (1) month prior to the confirmed date of travel where no final payment has been made, will incur a 40% cancellation fee as well as forfeit the deposit amount paid.
  6. All credit amounts have a validity of 12 months, after which time if the credit amount has not been redeemed it will be forfeited.
  7. All administration fees will be calculated on the total camp amount due.

Note:  Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to send home any student who is deemed to be behaving inappropriately. No refunds are applicable in this instance.



  1. Trailblazer Tours reserves the right to cancel, delay and / or reschedule activities or services due to unsuitable weather. (Please note that the entire camp itinerary is dependent on activities chosen, tide times and the size of the group.)
  2. A requirement of our insurance company is that all students /parents have completed their indemnity form before being allowed to swim. These forms must be handed to the Tour Guide at the start of the camp.
  3. All schools are responsible for completing the provided medical and special dietary forms on behalf of their students. This must be faxed or emailed to our office at least 14 days prior to travel.
  4. School representatives are at all times responsible for the behavior of students in their care.
  5. It is the responsibility of the school representative to dispense any medication to students with the permission of parents / guardians. Trailblazer Tours will under no circumstances dispense or administer any medication.
  6. A duty of care is owed to students in the school environment and while on excursions. The Education Department's duty of care owed to students for the duration of an excursion cannot be delegated from the school to parents, caregivers, volunteers or employees of external organisations.
  7. To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, schools are required to proactively manage all aspects of a variation to school routine. The school's duty of care to students extends to school excursions and camps, which are integral to students' educational programs. Activities conducted away from schools may increase risks and therefore the standard of care required must reflect the increase in identified risks.

A note on QPWS (National Park) Fee Changes in 2015

For educational groups travelling on a fully facilitated camp with Trailblazer Toursor sub-contractors there is no longer a need to complete forms for exemption of national park usage fees.  Schools & educational groups will now be automatically exempt from these fees.  Where the aforementioned group is taking a vehicle, they will be eligible for fee exempt vehicle permits and should contact camping support (camping.support@nprsr.qld.gov.au) to obtain their relevant permits.  This is the responsibility of the group taking the vehicle.


Trailblazer Tours Proudly offers a FREE Pick-up and Drop off Service for all schools within a 100km Radius of Brisbane and any school between Brisbane and Fraser Island(conditions apply). We also offer heavily discounted pick-up and drop-off rates for schools up to 600km radius from Brisbane. We want to make the experience on Fraser Island as stress free and easy as possible for Teachers and Coordinators. For schools outside of our free pick-up radius, we offer a customized “cost price” quote to pick-up from your school so that we can ensure you get the BESTvalue possible for your students. We promise to offer the perfect balance between affordability and excellent service.


Sunset Safaris provides the very best possible Accommodation to suit your budget while on Fraser Island.

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