Fraser Island

Fraser Island


Eurong Beach Resort is based on the Eastern Beaches of Fraser Island, and is conveniently located close to all of the major ECO attractions. Catering for 110+ students, Eurong Beach Resort has fantastic facilities, including 2 pools, tennis courts, buffet restaurant, cool comfortable rooms, and a meeting hall area perfect for schools.





Student Accommodation

The student accommodation consists of 4 & 5 share motel rooms with their own toilet/shower ensuite. Each room has 4 or 5 single beds, a small kitchenette, and front and rear balconies. Far exceeding  the expectations of normal student camp accommodation, the Eurong Beach Resort Rooms are perfect for students and teachers alike. Trailblazer Tours also has the ability to separate Boys from Girls to different parts of the resort to ensure gender separation is maintained for peace of mind.


Teacher Accommodation

In cases where teachers do not want to be within the immediate confines of the student accommodation, we offer our teachers our beautiful twin share accommodation. Each twin share room has a Queen bed and a single bed, Shower/Toilet Ensuite, Kitchenette, Fridge and dual balcony areas. The rooms are solid brick offering cool comfort in summer, and warmth in winter, and even a television.


Restaurant and Catering

Trailblazer Tours and Eurong Beach Resort offer a fantastic all you can eat Buffet for students and teachers. Our buffets are designed to suit almost any dietary requirement by simply picking and choosing between the different options available. However some more critical dietary needs can be catered for on an individual basis if Trailblazer Tours are given enough forward notice.

Our breakfast options allow for budget “Continental Breakfast,” or the slightly more expensive “hot Breakfast.” You may choose to alternate between continental and hot breakfasts during your camp, or keep it cheap and stay with continental the whole time – this choice is yours.

Our Fresh “Load it yourself” lunches on Fraser are freshly prepared by our tour guides on the Island. We guarantee that our food is nutritious, tasty and fresh, perfect for busy schools on an adventure learning experience. 





Sunset Safaris provides the very best possible Accommodation to suit your budget while on Fraser Island.

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