Moreton Island

ACCOMMODATION & CATERING OPTIONS Trailblazer Tours offer THREE camp accommodation options on Moreton Island for Schools. Dormitory Accommodation Our best and most popular option is in CASAWAYS RESORT- a dedicated school camps resort in the town of Bulwer on Moreton Island. Cat

Fraser Island

ACCOMMODATION & CATERING Eurong Beach Resort is based on the Eastern Beaches of Fraser Island, and is conveniently located close to all of the major ECO attractions. Catering for 110+ students, Eurong Beach Resort has fantastic facilities, including 2 pools, tennis courts, buffet restau

Great Barrier Reef

Dorm or Tents? Trailblazer Tours has accommodation options to suit schools perfectly. We have a large variety, from Motel rooms to dormitory rooms and even camping. Dormitory Our Backpacker Style Dorm rooms suit schools perfectly, and is the most common choice for Schools. Beds are new,